Replacement of temporary crown in one visit using digital workflow.

Clinical case by Dr. Zybailo Alexandr

Case characteristics

Age: 28 years old

Gender: Female

Area of restoration: Upper first molar

Tooth number:  24

Reason for treatment: Replacement of temporary crown.

Figure 1: Old crown, tooth 24

Figure 2: Tooth 24 after final preparation with retraction cord placed


The patient came to our clinic unsatisfied with aesthetics of devitalised tooth 24, which was covered with an old crown. The crown was not translucent enough, had some discoloration and unsatisfactory marginal fit. An X-ray examination did not reveal any pathological periapical changes, root filling was satisfactory.

This study shows how to achieve high quality long-lasting aesthetically pleasing restorations by using MyCrown technology.

Treatment with MyCrown

After removing the old crown, we found quite good composite build-up without signs of secondary caries. Retraction of soft tissues was performed with a retraction cord, and final preparation was made.

We scanned the area of restoration, opposite jaw, and performed a buccal scan to register the occlusion.  The program correlated digital models according to occlusal relations.

Figure 3: Scan of the restoration area

Figure 4: Scan of the opposite jaw

Figure 5: Scan of the buccal occlusion

After choosing the margin of restoration, MyCrown proposed an initial crown design, which was corrected in the software, as desired. For milling material, IPS Empress Multicolor was chosen. Location of the crown inside the ceramic block was checked and manufacturing was performed.


Figure 6: Design proposal

Figure 7: Location of crown in the milling block

After polishing the restoration and checking the fit, we moved to the fixation stage. Due to enough mechanical retention of build-up, cementation was performed using Relyx, self-adhesive composite cement.

Figure 8: Ceramic crown immediately after cementation


The chairside CAD/CAM system MyCrown can help to achieve aesthetic, lasting results in just one visit.

About Doctor

Dr. Zybailo Alexandr

He graduated from Belarussian State Medical University in 2007.

Interested in restorative dentistry and prosthodontics.

Today works in private clinic “Belyj nosorog”, Minsk, Belarus.