Saving time

The full process of restoration is completed in a single appointment thus saving time for both patient and dentist.

No need for conventional impressions

The intuitive scan and MyCrown design software eliminate the need for conventional impressions, waiting time and further appointments.

Restoration accuracy and control

The state-of-the-art camera scans the area and advanced software produces a design with high accuracy and precision while, at the same time, allowing to make adjustments for a perfect fit.

Patient comfort

Unlike alternative impression-taking methods the process is efficient and the patient feels minimal discomfort. Scanning the restoration area with the compact camera is smooth and fast. The efficient treatment and lasting results persuade more and more patients to prefer one visit restorations to alternative options.

Freedom to choose material

With MyCrown Mill you are not limited to working with a specific manufacturer or material. The restoration blocks can be selected to suit your workflow and specific needs.

Save and share your design

The system allows to export the finished design for future reference and easily share it within the clinic or multiple offices.

Crowns and more in one visit

The MyCrown fully integrated CAD/CAM solution is able to create crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays and small bridges in just one visit. Choose the restoration block to be inserted to allow the use of preferred material and customise aesthetics to fit the patient.

Integrated system

The fully integrated complete system ensures high precision and smooth workflow due to steady communication between the MyCrown Scan, MyCrown Design software and MyCrown Mill.

HD spray

MyCrown HD spray applies a thin layer of black and white particles that are traced and measured to produce a precise model with colour of the restoration without reflections.

3D image acquisition and 2D intra-oral camera in one device

MyCrown comes with a camera that can be used in 2D and 3D mode. It can be used as a 2D intraoral camera thanks to the built-in colour sensor, improving dentist-patient communication. Switching from 3D scan to 2D photos and videos is done easily, by the click of a button.


The units are easy to maintain due to minimalist design with recommended use of antibacterial wipes or high level disinfection liquid. The camera is used in combination with single-use hygiene sheaths to protect the dentist and patient.