MyCrown Design

The CAD/CAM system features a fully integrated software guiding you through every step ensuring smooth performance and ease of use. The unit comes with touchscreen monitor and cart on wheels, allowing easy transportation between treatment rooms if needed and easy storage during non-operational times.

MyCrown Scan

The small and light camera is easy to use and allows comfortable reach of all intraoral areas. The real-time 3D scan is precise and immediately available to view. The lightweight design allows simple manipulation and ensures minimal patient discomfort during acquisition while guaranteeing maximum hygiene as it is used with single-use protective sheaths. The camera is preheated thus preventing fogging and ensuring minimal time required for the scan.

MyCrown Mill

Immediately ready to use, MyCrown Mill communicates with the software through wireless connection, can serve multiple acquisition units, plugs into the power outlet and requires no air or water line, making it suitable for nearly all working areas. The two-spindle system, with milling and grinding properties, ensures high speed restorations with an average of 12 minutes required to produce a crown. The size of the unit is compact allowing it to fit in every dental office.